“Temple Beautiful”

Who Shot John (LYRICS)

They say I shot Montgomery, shot him in the chest

It never went to trial, Montgomery confessed

They say possession is still nine-tenths of the law

Well what possessed you to ask me who shot John

Eddy got probation, went out and robbed a bank

While out at the end of Jackson, Fatty walked the plank

I can hear him laughing still, on the seventh floor

Eddy wrote me a letter and asked me who shot John

Eddy dropped a kite from prison, told me who shot John

I went out last Sunday, ran into Cyril

He said I seen your friend Johnny out running with your girl

They were in the backseat so I climbed into the front

And in all of the commotion, tell me who shot John

There wasn't anybody there to witness who shot John

Have you seen my baby, I ain't seen her around

They say I shot my baby, they say I shot her down

She was here for a little while but now, my baby, she gone

They've yet to find the body or who shot John

There's some mistakes that I don't make, tell me who shot John

Well the truth is out there somewhere, who shot John

I think I'm gonna start a rumor that you shot John

Hold me in your arms and tell me who shot John

Put another log on the fire, who shot John

I hear they're gonna make a movie

Well one more thing, who shot John?

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