“No Other Love”

What Makes the Money Dance? (LYRICS)

What makes the monkey dance? (repeat)

Birds and bees, chimpanzees

Buzzing round my head, swinging from trees

She's a deep dish pie - a precious flower

Wrapped like candy, primped and powdered

While the creepers creep and the willows weep

In the dead of the night I'm counting sheep

All night long I toss and turn

I wonder what it's gonna take to learn

What makes the monkey dance (repeat)

We got brand new drugs for the same old blues

Satellites peaking into your room

A machine to tell me if your lying

sheep for cloning - eggs for frying

I can meet for lunch with the man on the moon

Do almost anything I want to do

Makes no difference where you go

Everybody's got a theory but nobody knows

What makes the monkey dance? (repeat)

I've peaked through keyholes on my knees

for clues to life's mysteries

From day time soaps to late-night cable

Round the corner - under the table

I'm looking for a love that can't be named

Looking for a love than knows no shame

Big or round, short or tall

I got to get it or nothing at all

What makes the monkey dance? (repeat)

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