“No Other Love”

Run Primo Run (LYRICS)

Primo snorted up his name

like he does every year

on the day he came into the world

It makes him feel like Richard Gere

But it always fades too fast

Now he's staring down his past

Run Primo Run

Twenty years had come and gone

since they made that one mistake

On paper it was beautiful

An old man and a safe

Now he's got two little girls

He's living in another world

Run Primo Run

Sonny saw the old man's face

He just couldn't let it go

Plans go south and people die

Nobody has to know

Then Sonny he got saved

A confession Sonny gave

Run Primo Run

Sonny called out of the blue

wired to the law

The barbecue was in full swing

When Primo took the call

Primo ran to his toolshed

Sirens, lights flashing red

Run Primo Run

Run Primo Run

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