Open Mind Music: RIP

Good times don't last forever. Open Mind Music RIP.

Yes, my friends, once again we must report that due to changing times, rising rents and greedy "super size me" developers, Henry Wimmer's Open Mind Music closed it's doors once and for all.

Before they toss up a Staples in its place, we celebrated with a kegger. I dragged my PA down, and we had a cluster-lunch of bands playing in the shop all day. The kegger shin-dig turned out to be a cool event. Crazy Horse minus Neil was riveting. Meri St. Meri came out of retirement. Tom Heyman played, Ray played, the legendary comedian Barry Sobel had us slapping our thighs. Hayes Carl and his gang came down the sidewalk wearing their guitars like gunslingers after their soundcheck down the street at the Du Nord, John Murry, Eric McFadden, Mike Therieau, Phil Crumar, Penelope Houston all brought it.

I wasn't able to make my way through to the Soundtrack section, or the Country section at all. I had planned to get back to the store. By the time I did, it was tumbleweeds man. (see picture).

It was a great send off. It could have been a lot worse. A LOT worse. It could have rained! John Murry could have stiffed me on the Milkshake he owed me (he didn't).

We could have run out of beer!

I might have a new career as a sound-man. I did get a lot of encouraging compliments on the sound. Thanks very much. 

Power to the people,