“Soap And Water”

Happy Ending (LYRICS)

It's over and it's done

Ten-Four, over-and-out

We've been living high on the hog of love

But we're going through a drought

Somewhere a lonely violin struggles to be heard

A villain dies a thousand deaths so we can all be sure

This is the ending

Here come the ending

I remember a night out on the road

My car lost all control

Shook me up

It threw me down

I wound up in a hole

Living like a fugitive in the Florida Keys

I moved a lot of furniture

I picked a lot of trees

Waiting on the ending

My happy ending

Praying on an ending

A happy ending

I memorized my favorite scenes

All the lines come right to me

But now the tears are really mine

The moon is just another lie

Winners lose, heroes fall

It don't make no sense at all

No sense at all

It's too late in the game for us to start again

The ghosts we gave up long ago are gone with the wind

I don't know when to fold, that was your claim to fame

But I must say, you're looking good for this late in the game

Is this the ending?

Here come the ending

Waiting on an ending

Our happy ending

Come on, get in the car you're gonna make us all late

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