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Prophet Margin

Strings 'n' Squiers

`When I'm recording I can find a sweet spot on any guitar, but live it's still the Squier and nothing else. Man, that guitar knows all the songs by now and it can play `em without thinking - which is what I need `cos I got to worry about other things when I'm on stage.'

`The Squier' is Chuck's battered Japanese Telecaster. It cost him $150, and it's been a mainstay of his career since early Green On Red days. He's fitted Seymour Duncan Vintage Telepickups and the sixth tuner flips between E and low D. For amps, Chucks a vintage tube fanatic. His main squeeze is a blackface Fender Delexe Reverb with a single 12" EV speaker, though he'll also use a Princeton and, for its metronomic tremolo, a Musicman also, on Feast Of Hearts, producer Steve Berlin brought on other toys for Chuck to get to grips with.

`He had bazoukis with lipstick pickups, electric mandolins, baritone guitars, things like that. As a producer he'll want to record a lot of things for effect and he does that by using a lot of effects - big crates of boxes. But I just thought music came outta your fingers y'know? But, if you can keep yourself amused with that stuff, he'll reel it out for you.

`A good example of what we did is Battered And Bruised, which was cut with a baritone 6-string bass capo'd at the 5th fret through a phase shifter which is his sort of thing. I was just going, "Oh yeah Steve, i'm into a lot of new groups too man, I like the Cure, Modern English..." Of course, Berlin loved it ...'

January 31, 1990 COMMENTS • Filed under Press Releases (Feast Of Hearts)