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Forget water into wine; see Americana turned into rock, pop, rap, and R&B.

There was a time when rock's finer artists were expected to genre-bend. Now, when everything's compartmentalized, its simply messes with the table. Probably why Prophet's solo albums earn more critical praise than sales. This seventh post Green On Red outing builds on the high standard set by his last three: 11 fine songs that, despite their obviously rootsy underpinnings (the dark ravaged West Memphis Moon; acoustic, love-gone-wrong ballad of Pin A Rose on me), refuse to sit quietly beneath the Americana banner. The Gorgeous You've Got Me Where You Want Me, for instance incorporates soul pop synths and even hip hop: the swoony Age Of Miracles mainlines the same Harrison-Lennon vein as Sleepy Jackson did; Automatic Blues is hot, swampy rock: You Did is pure Philly Soul. This is the sound of a man in love with this record collection—and that makes it music to the ears.

by Sylvie Simmons on October 31, 2004 COMMENTS • Filed under CD Reviews (Age Of Miracles)