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These are a few of my favorite things about Chuck Prophet's great new album:

1) It's called Age of Miracles—despite all evidence to the contrary. 2) Prophet's goofy vocal homage to Dylan on the bridge of the title track. 3) The outrageously sexy backup vocals of his wife Stephanie Finch. 4) The werewolflike howls that Prophet lets loose at the end of "West Memphis Moon." 5) Despite being pigeonholed as an alt-country guy, Prophet lays down a soulful little rap at the end of "You've Got Me Where You Want Me." 7) The cheesy glockenspiel flourishes and even cheesier backup vocals on "Just to See You Smile." 8) And most of all, the final track, "Solid Gold," a ridiculously schmaltzy and beautiful shout-out to friends and lovers.

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by Paul Demko on October 2, 2006 COMMENTS • Filed under CD Reviews (Age Of Miracles)