Fitzgeralds (Berwyn, IL)

What an excellent show at Fitzgerald's on Oct. 1st. It just sounded great. Thank you, Chuck (and band). However, I had to cut out before the show was over—during Automatic Blues. So, what happened after I left? What'd I miss? Anyone?

Joe Laurx
October 02nd, 2004

9:30 show

9:30 show in DC was great.Old 97's are ok but I went there to see chuck and gang. Wish I could have seen the full show the next night at the Rams Head.I E-mailed and let them know about WEST MEMPHIS MOON. Kathy E-mailed me back and said she loved the song and she put a blurb on the site. She put some links on there. One to this site,one for the song,and one to to buy the record.How cool!!FREE THE WEST MEMPHIS THREE!! Chuck hope to see back in DC real soon!

September 30th, 2004

CP Opener

I can understand Chuck opening for her-bad-self Lucinda Wiliams, or Bob Dylan and perhaps Westerberg. Chuck opening for the Old'97s? Heinous. Find out who is responsible and revolt,call the "home office" to start, then call the label. Chuck opening for those guys was like watching Petty open for Jay Farrar, just wrong, period. Haven't made it through the new album yet. This must be "New Millenium Chuck Prophet" This might take a minute, do I trade in my shit-kickers for some.$ean John gear? I hate getting old. We love Chuck and the gang! Who are the new guys?

Clyde King
September 28th, 2004

All Music Guide

Not that we shouldn't be happy enough with the brand-spankin' new CD, but AMG is listing yet another - "Turn the Pigeons Loose". Does Chuck think he's Paul Westerberg? I haven't seen this out yet, any help?

September 28th, 2004

Annapolis Show

I've just returned from CP and the Mission Express at the Rams Head Tavern in Annapolis. What an amazing show. Chuck expressed how great it was to have more than 45 minutes to stretch out the music after playing as the opening act for a number of shows. It was our good fortune to hear the result. They played for just less than two hours and it was obvious they were having a good time. I was especially pleased to hear so many songs from the new album: Solid Gold, Pin a Rose on Me, West Memphis Moon, Just to See You Smile, Smallest Man in the World, You Did, and a blistering Automatic Blues that followed Summertime Thing near the end of the show. All the new tunes were elongated and filled out in the live setting - I wish I had a sounboard... The band is tight - well, except for Chuck who always seems like he's on the verge of falling over while slinging the guitar and making it ring like an instrument of passion. The room was only 2/3 full, which meant that lots of folks still don't know about Chuck. For $18.50 I saw a show that packed more punch and had more soul than all of the $150-$200 arena shows combined. My good fortune! As usual, I will be giving CP albums as Christmas presents - got to share the music...

September 27th, 2004

photographic review

some photos from a CP show in SLC

[ LINK ]

the dizzster
September 26th, 2004

towson maryland 25th

great show from chuck and the gang. played 4 off the new cd. chuck played a squire guitar, really crisp. his fill work and leads were classic. true, he should of been the headliner, not the opener. ps: no more merchandise available, no t-shirts, etcc bummer. i wanted to meet the gorgeuous ms. steph finch. she was wearing black converse sneakers. wow// sexxy

September 26th, 2004

perfect pear at irving/towson shows

send me an email man.

September 25th, 2004


Kudos to keeping the site open while under construction, but I was hoping to find out more info on the new drummer. Is Stuart his name?

[ LINK ]

September 24th, 2004

New record etc.

Irving Plaza chuck opening for old 97s? Drag. Backwards bill. New drummer and bass player :-( Where's all the Stephanie wonderfulness on the new record? The whole thing is backwards, what happened?

September 24th, 2004

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