dublin show

great gig in dublin last night.you and jason rocked.im the guy who thought el vez was in the zeros.ill check it out.any sign of a green on red reunion?thanks again john

May 21st, 2401

When is Chuck coming to Cali?

Is Chuck going to be playing in LA or SF before the end of the year?

May 21st, 6001

Chuck Live in London PART 2

Thanks for the link to the Tate CD, Richard. I had been watching a copy on ebay, but I will try the store you suggest. The second night in London may have lacked a little of Tuesday's intensity, but it was also a longer show, with a beautiful take on Abandoned Love (when some time earlier Chuck had asked the audience, "any questions so far?", I was going to shout back "Can you remember all the words to Abandoned Love?" - as it turned out, he could). There were a couple of times, though, when he had to exchange a quick word with Stephanie to be reminded of what came next on a couple of the newer songs! The other treat on Wed was Stephanie getting to do a song herself - another Howard Tate number, which sounded beautiful. A couple of other things - Memphis Moon was slightly different: Tuesday it sounded ferociously pissed off, on Wed it was more sad and bitter. Still no real oldies in the set (I was hoping for Look Both Ways). The show was looser, with some departures from the setlist, I think. Lots of great stuff with the bullet mike again. All in all, I think they were the best shows I can remember Chuck doing in the 12 yrs I've been following him - even better than the "high on cough medicine and preacher schtick" show at Underworld in 1999, and that's saying something. Hope they make it back here again soon. Stevie

Stevie Simkin
November 11th, 2004

Madrid 11-11-2004

All right, Chuck. We'll meet again I know when I know where and we know we'll meet again some sunny day

[ LINK ]

November 11th, 2004

Howard Tate CD

Stevie, Thanks for your great review of the Borderline show, a couple of posts back. Thanks also for the link to the Howard Tate clip. For anyone interested in buying this CD (which has been unavailable for years), you can now get it here: http://www.hiposelect.com/catalogue_tate.asp

November 10th, 2004

link to original shoot em all down sample

http://ubl.artistdirect.com/store/artist/album/0,,211855,00.html a little 30 sec windows media clip here, for those of you who want to chase up the original version of this great cover.

Stevie Simkin
November 09th, 2004

Chuck Live in London

CHUCK PROPHET & THE MISSION EXPRESS The Borderline, London, Tues 9 Nov 2004 From the moment Chuck and the band filed onto the tiny stage and thrummed an opening, thunderous chord, it was clear that they were here to rock the tiny basement venue to its foundations. Kicking into the unreleased hard country rocker "Styrofoam", Prophet launched a gig that, while it varied in pace and tone, never let the audience out of its grip. There was noise ("Run Primo Run", "Automatic Blues"), tenderness ("Solid Gold", "After the Rain"), soul (a beautiful cover of Howard Tate's "Shoot 'Em All Down", taken at a faster clip than usual), humour ("Smallest Man in the World", written about Chuck's ex-attorney, who apparently had a habit of saying "Chuck, as your attorney, I strongly advise you to pass me the Jack Daniels..."), but, above all, there was 100 minutes' worth of jaw-dropping guitar. I've seen Prophet touring without a second guitarist, and I also saw him in London a while back when his effects pedals gave up on him and he was left with nothing but tone and volume to play around with (it was amazing, by the way). But with Max Butler back on slide, steel and electric guitar, time and again the two of them locked into a groove, playing off each other like I've never seen. Prophet's genius is for endlessly inventive solos, tight but loose rhythm playing, and, supremely, a melodic sense that never fails him, no matter how far he strays off the map. You only had to look across at guitarist-keyboardist Stephanie Finch's beaming smile to realise how fresh this all is: if you can still amaze and delight your wife (and we're still talking music here) after you've been making music together for 15 years or more, you've got to be doing something right. Stephanie's keyboards were more prominent than past tours, incidentally, and Chuck gave her plenty of space to solo, though she took some coaxing: at another point, he leaned over and turned up her guitar as she retreated to the back of the stage again. The Mission Express has a new rhythm section, and Stewart Burr (drums) and Kevin White (bass) kept it tight, never missing a beat. When the whole band was in flight, with Chuck releasing yet another blizzard of beautiful guitar, the sound came at you in a wave of noise, with the bass line channelling through the floor of the little venue and shaking your denims. Chuck knows how to deal with the hecklers, too, and there was lots of hilarious, good-natured banter, including references to his old band Green on Red: asked if the band were going to reunite, Chuck said he was open to offers: "You look like you've got a 50th birthday coming up", he told the questioner. "See how much you and your pals can raise between you". Just two gripes: Stephanie Finch traditionally plays the opening set, and it was a shame not to hear some of her gorgeous vocals and skewed-logic songs last night. And, finally, why doesn't Chuck cut loose on guitar in the studio anymore? Digging something out to listen to this morning, it wasn't his latest (Age of Miracles) that I went for, excellent though it is. It was Balinese Dancer I chose, just to hear the ringing solos at the end of "Heart Breaks Like the Dawn", and the wah-wah on "Savannah". It's only when he plays live that his full talent shines. I guess I'd better make the most of him while he's here, and see if there are any tickets left for the show tonight...

Stevie Simkin
November 09th, 2004

Time Passes Slowly…

Here In The Mountains

Very Tired
November 08th, 2004


Just readin around and I see Jim Dickinson ,Charlie Feathers , you must have a Memphis conection , wish you would play here soon , we need your groove..Memphis muzic scene

Jeremiah Tucker
November 04th, 2004

a christmas wish from me

chuck, I wish you guys would play a set at the Mother Hips Christmans shows this Dec 17 & 18 in San Francisco. When you guys opened for them last year and played Old Friends, that was one of the highlights of my concert expreiences. Please spread us some more love this year....

November 04th, 2004

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Old Friends (LYRICS)

What Makes the Money Dance? (LYRICS)

Summertime Thing (LYRICS)

That’s How Much I Need Your Love (LYRICS)

Elouise (LYRICS)


Sat Jun 02 Redwood Mountain Faire
Felton, CA
Thu Jun 21 Santa Fe Bandstand
Santa Fe, NM
Fri Jun 22 CANCELLED - Los Alamos Summer Concert Series
Los Alamos, NM
Fri Jun 22 The Masonic
San Francisco, CA
Sat Jun 23 CANCELLED - Globe Hall
Denver, CO


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