Chicago - Schuba’s

OK, we may be retards. But I like to think some of us are at least of the "Rain Man" variety. We know things — like that Quantas has never crashed. So, it was not lost on us that the most thrilling and emotional part of the show (Tuesday at Schuba's) happened during the song with the most trivial of lyrics— "Who put the bam in the bamma-lamma-ding-dong...." But hey, we get it. Don't we? Yeah, I think we do.

January 27th, 2005

Chuck and the Band in the UK ...?

Paperclip Agency has changed the status of all the UK dates to "tbc". Hope this doesn't mean the tour is in doubt. I've been counting on two shows at the Borderline again at the very least, and if the Winchester gig happens my wife has promised to come along too - we saw Chuck in Edinburgh back in the early 90s. Anyhow, hope things work out for the best. Surely no audiences treat the band better than London audiences! Right?!! :-)

January 27th, 2005

Pittsburgh, Friday January 28, 2005

Can't hardly wait until tomorrow evening! I've been sharing the love of Chuck Prophet and Misson Express with friends and family and I'll binging 12 friends with me (10 are CP virgins). I became a devoted fan after seeing CP and band live at the World Cafe taping at the Warhol in 2002. I've been spreading the word since and don't miss an opportunity to see a live show. I love AOM, it has barely left the cd player since it arrived. I also bought a copy of Turn the Pigeons Loose to complete my library and I'm loving it too - how about a dvd of a show sometime soon? Thanks for the music and for stopping again in Pittsburgh! Stay warm and don't forget to dress in layers.

January 26th, 2005

chicago and tough love at schubas

chuck and the gang. good stuff at schubas on monday night in chicago. seen ya a couple times now and i listen to your stuff quite a bit...and i totally dig what you do.'s a bummer that you couldn't have responded to my compliments that i gave ya after the show. i shook your hand after you looked at me...took your last drag of your smoke...and said something like "hmmmmmmmmmnnnnnmmmmm"...then walked on by (not cool!). ...but at least you looked me in the eyes (that's cool!). dude... i still love your creativity and talent!...and your an fascinating individual. see ya next time brother. peace to chuck and the band.

January 26th, 2005


Chuck Berry, Judy Smith, CP. Hey bringing my two sons and two brothers out to hear the beautiful music at the Funck Box in Baltimore. Can't wait. Good luck with Mountain Stage. Thats where I first heard you and the Band back in the summer 04. Tim from Dundalk said it.

[ LINK ]

Tim Kropkowski
January 26th, 2005

UK Tour: On a budget??

I've just seen a couple of dates for the UK tour in April - my home town of Sheffield on 19th and Nottingham on 20th. Dunno about any others. If Chuck (or his tour manager) read this, if ya need a couple of rooms for well trained band members we'd be happy to offer accommodation after the sheffield date. Also, Chuck are you planning on visiting your favourite record shop in Sheffield??? Finally as a token of esteem for the pleasure GoR/CP have given me since nineteen eightysomething I'll happily stand a round for the band in any pub in Sheffield!!!! Might help CP `save a lousy motherf****** dime!!!'.

Paul Grimshaw
January 26th, 2005

Thank you

Mr. Prophet I waited 2 years for this show and all I can say is...Damn! Just hope I don't have to wait another 2 to hear you again. Say hi to Cole, at the Lexington show, he's responsible for passing along your musical magic!

January 25th, 2005

Need venue for older show

Hi, I have a recording from a show dated Feb 22 1999. Can anyone tell me where the venue is? Thanks, Chris

Chris Andersen
August 15th, 4002

Request for Chicago show

CP, if you haven't already loaded the van, how about throwing a cowbell in there so you can treat us to "Elouise" in Chicago. Thanks for including us on the tour (again).

January 20th, 2005

concert 1/28/05

Hi, I am going to the concert in Pittsburgh, PA next Friday. Anyone know of hotels close to the venue?

January 20th, 2005

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