Chicago-City Winery

Drove solo all the way to Chicago from Columbus OH to see you on Black Friday at City Winery. Great set, Chuck. You had fans there that were there to see you, not the other guy, no knock against artists who paint from a swinging trapeze while strumming an electric.

December 02nd, 2015

Chuck at Daryll’s House

Does anyone know if this is going to be on tv anytime soon??

Sue P.
November 05th, 2015

Next Tour,

Chuck will you play The Washington in Burlington Iowa? Jon Dee Graham has! :)

Don Hamilton
October 30th, 2015

Harrisburg, PA Set

Loved your rendition of "Storm Across the Sea." Thanks for bringing your fine act to Harrisburg, Chuck. FYI, there were only 26 other things we could have been doing tonight, including knitting circle. You were absolutely the best option. Looking forward to the next tour with the MX.

Dan and Siri
October 15th, 2015


You are the man. You always crank it. Great meeting you at Daryl's!!Hope you got back to the Marriot safely.

October 12th, 2015

Daryl’s House Pawling NY

Chuck - so great seeing you again last night - it was our first time seeing you sans the Mission Express (and miles away from NYC) but we knew we were in for a treat - you are such a talented, super-creative, and versatile, singer/songwriter, and storyteller. Loved every song especially that rendition of "I Bow Down".

Until the next time......

Louise & Jeff
October 23rd, 2840


So-o excited that we are going to see Chuck Prophet at Daryl's House tomorrow night! I bought the tickets may, many months ago as a birthday present for our daughter Renee. You see, Renee lives upstate N.Y. and is hours away from us. So my birthday present to her each year is a "Mommy and Renee" weekend together. This year it was tickets to see Chuck. This year's catch was that Renee had no idea where we were going and had to guess based on monthly clues. The tough part is that Renee never heard of Chuck Prophet (imagine that! Am I a bad mother or what?), so many of the clues really didn't help right away. But Renee, is oh so very smart, and did guess it on her own. And now, she is so-o excited too!

Here were her clues:

1) We are not going to your house or to our house.

2) You might need a seer to tell you where we are going.

3) I hope you don't get upset about where we are going and THROW the tickets away.

4) Although most people like to swim during the day, other like to Hang Ten after dark.

5) We are going to stay at a hotel close by. I told them where we are going, but they don't know me and you.

6) The Towne Crier would know best where we are going.

7) We are not going to see Pawl McCartney.

So, how did I do?

Barbara Fitzgerald
October 23rd, 0840

Make-Out Room 10/03/2015

Great show at the Make-Out Room in San Francisco. We hadn't seen Chuck & Co. since 2012 and it was good to see everybody in such fine shape. This was the first show we've seen with Vicente Rodriguez on drums. Frankly, the man is a thug (high praise) and more than pulls his weight on vocals.

Seriously though this was one of the best shows I've ever seen and this was even before the special guests started hopping up on stage. The place was packed wall to wall with rabid hometown fans and Chuck was enjoying himself immensely, playing the shit out of that old white Telecaster and hamming it up like crazy.

Hats off to Chuck, Stephanie, Kevin, James and Mr. Rodriguez! See you next year.

Reno Sepulveda
October 05th, 2015

Great Show at Fitzgerald’s

Just a fantastic show by a consummate professional musician. Intense, rocking, rolling but also just a lot of fun. Chuck and his band seem like they are having a blast and so does the audience. I am a fan since Green on Red but the material on the new album stood up to his classics. He is aging very, very well. Who put the.....HE DID.

September 13th, 2015

Make Out Room

Any idea how one secures tickets for the upcoming Make Out Room shows? The venue does not show ticket sale info and they don't answer their phone. Had the same problem with them last time. Would love to get advance tickets.


September 08th, 2015

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