Hengelo (2)

Chuck, We enjoyed the show!We bought your new cd. It sounds great! Greetings to Tom

March 17th, 2005


Great show yesterday!

March 17th, 2005

Please Keep Us Posted

Hello Europe. Please keep the rest of the world posted on the shows (thanks Laura). Any little lagniappes and the like would be appreciated. Chuck has a spontaneous habit for darkly witful off-centerisms.... feel free to share his unique observations... you can feed the beast too; he's clever with a good audience. Love to hear about any unique songs too.

March 16th, 2005


Nice show this evening! Iwas tired but after work I stayed and I don't regret it :D Good luck this tour and I hope to see you again. And than I will bring my real photocamera :D

[ LINK ]

March 16th, 2005

Dan Stuart

Does anyone have any ideas as to the current whereabouts of Dan ?? Does he still have contact with you Chuck ? Any plans or news of any projects by/with him, ? I am looking forward to seeing you at The Shed, Bedford, UK on the 21st April Chuck - take care Papa

paul h
March 15th, 2005

Sharkskin 6

Chuck's music is featured in a movie called "Sharksin 6". Not even sure if it was released but has anyone seen this movie and if so what song (or songs) was chosen?

February 21st, 1202

live recordings

Hi there, I wondered if anyone out there across the world would be interested in sharing/swopping any music ? I would love some of Chuck`s live stuff - I dont know what is out there though, can anyone help ?I have the Homemade Boot and turn the pigeons loose - some others would be great - just reply or email me paul

paul h
February 21st, 4802

Need To Know What Pedal That Is.

Chuck, throw me a bone and tell us what pedal you have on the bottom left of your effect pedals. Sounds like a delay or reverb. Silver with blue light. Help me out!

March 07th, 2005

Chuck @ Gram Parsons Tribute

The Great American Show (GP Tribute) was the best show I've seen anywhere in SF for quite some time. It was cool to see Peter Stroud and Jim Bogios in the mix. Are they permanent members now or was this a special occassion?! Great sounding band!

[ LINK ]

March 06th, 2005

Portland show

Chuck, great show in Portland on wednesday - if I didn't live in Eugene, I'd have seen you again on thursday - everyone did a great job - Jim and you are esp. fun to watch - have a great show in Seattle - Mike and Marsha are stoked about the American Music Hall show coming up and already have their tix - please come to Eugene when you can - best always, Tom ps - you're music is absolutely amazing - I'm diggin on Age of Miracles

Tom Reitmann
March 03rd, 2005

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Old Friends (LYRICS)

What Makes the Money Dance? (LYRICS)

Summertime Thing (LYRICS)

That’s How Much I Need Your Love (LYRICS)

Elouise (LYRICS)


Wed Feb 21 Skipper’s Smokehouse
Tampa , FL
Thu Feb 22 WMNF Tropical Heatwave Cruise (Tampa to Cozumel)
Tampa, FL
Fri Mar 09 Continental Club
Austin, TX
Sat Mar 10 The Continental Club
Austin, TX
Sat Mar 10 Continental Club
Austin, TX


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