concert in Norderstedt 3-24

Thanks for playing our small venue downstairs at a record shop in the middle of nowhere. Probaby the smallest stage and place you ever did but the band played like they were playing for a crowd of thousands of people.... The concert was fantastic. I got a lot of mails - everyone loved it. See you tomorrow in Hamburg, Knust 3-28. Will bring the videos, DVD´s all the CD´s incl.the Manuela CD for your grandma.

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Wolfgang + Andrea
March 25th, 2005

Dirk Messiah : An alternative biography from France

The Real Story of Dirk Messiah (sometimes called Chuck Prophet by his fans). Slim "Taned" Stewart and Dirk Messiah started Cream on Bread in the early eighties. They took the band from the ashes of the much celebrated Disney Underground mid eighties LA scene (The Wrong Bike Riders, The 7.30 PM O'Clock, The Mean Syndicates, The Mangles, The Brain Barricade, True Waste, to name but a few...) to the avant-garde of the forecoming Americananamouskouri movement, also known as No Regression, that would later make the success of bands like Auntie Torero, Miko, Some Watt, and the well known imitator songwriter Adam Abraham ... They did some great influential albums such as "The Filler Inside Me", "Goat Cheese", "No Free Shower", "Here Come The Brakes" and, last but not least, a final superb record, "Too Much Pun". In the meantime, they recorded a string of great songs thanks to the narrative talent of "Taned" Stewart and the guitarslinging attacks of Messiah : "Rock And Roll Herpes", "You Couldn't Get Elected", "Rick Can't Cook", "Cool Balloon", "Little Geeks In Life", "(The Hair on) The Dog's Ass", or "Got You Frozen in My Bin Stack", " among countless others, were great song that should have been hits . But Slim, wanting to perfect his legendary suntan, then went to live abroad in Portugal were he scored azulejos before returning and recording one sole album under his name, the excellent "A Fistful Of Cockroaches". Dirk Messiah embarked on a great solo carreer with numerous albums ("My Cousin Alfonso", "Maltese Stripper", "Festival Of Lungs", "Homebrew Brew ", "The Bleedin' Mess", "No-no!, My Love !"). Today, he's back with another great collection of songs : "The Rage of Marocco". It's time to celebrate and recognize the genius of the man who once said : "I'm a sucker for Carlos Guitarlos bootlegs, yeah !". A french friend and a long time fan couldn't make it to Dirks' last gig in Paris, and he says he's inconsolable. Well, we understand him ! Nick Mumuth, Paris, France.

Nick Mumuth
March 20th, 2005

king tut’s wah wah hut

Really looking forward to seeing you all at King Tuts Glasgow ,in April.This will be the third time I've seen you there.I have always had a fab time,just wish more folk felt the urge to dance,maybe thats just me though!

March 19th, 2005

Paradiso/Amsterdam 18/3/05

Hi Chuck & Mission Express, Never saw you like yesterday-evening before. You were on top of the clouds and took us with you. Was not able to say goodbye afterwards. Thanks again for having you in Desmet. Keep the spirit high! Marylou

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Marylou Busch
March 18th, 2005

Hengelo (2)

Chuck, We enjoyed the show!We bought your new cd. It sounds great! Greetings to Tom

March 17th, 2005


Great show yesterday!

March 17th, 2005

Please Keep Us Posted

Hello Europe. Please keep the rest of the world posted on the shows (thanks Laura). Any little lagniappes and the like would be appreciated. Chuck has a spontaneous habit for darkly witful off-centerisms.... feel free to share his unique observations... you can feed the beast too; he's clever with a good audience. Love to hear about any unique songs too.

March 16th, 2005


Nice show this evening! Iwas tired but after work I stayed and I don't regret it :D Good luck this tour and I hope to see you again. And than I will bring my real photocamera :D

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March 16th, 2005

Dan Stuart

Does anyone have any ideas as to the current whereabouts of Dan ?? Does he still have contact with you Chuck ? Any plans or news of any projects by/with him, ? I am looking forward to seeing you at The Shed, Bedford, UK on the 21st April Chuck - take care Papa

paul h
March 15th, 2005

Sharkskin 6

Chuck's music is featured in a movie called "Sharksin 6". Not even sure if it was released but has anyone seen this movie and if so what song (or songs) was chosen?

August 18th, 1202

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