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unrestrained, uninhibited, alive


Made in Mexico; Bringing it all Back Home

Prophet's ninth solo album shares its title with a conservative think tank, a Barry Manilow song, a jazz album and a civil rights box set. If this were a tick the box personality test, the last one's closest: its 11 tracks were written swiftly in the fretful run-up to the US Presidential election. But though lyrically it touches on the socio-political, the freedom here is about being unrestrained, uninhibited, alive. Prophet's not sounded this loose and immediate on a studio record in a long while (it helps to have recorded it swiftly in an archaic, digital-free studio in Mexico City). But though he's focused on rocking out with his fine band, which includes guest backing singer Kelly Stoltz, the songs are excellent - among them You and Me Baby (Holding on), Barely Exist and American Man, channelling Tom Petty, Mink DeVille and early Stones. Greg Leisz co-produced.—Sylvie Simmons

by Sylvie Simmons on December 3, 2009 COMMENTS • Filed under CD Reviews (¡Let Freedom Ring!)