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Are You Sure Waylon Done It This Way?

Chuck Prophet Re-records Entire Jennings Album


Chuck Prophet has re-recorded the entire Waylon Jennings album Dreaming My Dreams With You while accidentally locked in the recording studio of Tim Mooney (Red House Painters).

Apparently, one Friday evening last January, Prophet and his band were at Closer Studios in San Fran, and studio co-owner Sean Coleman had left and set the alarm code. But he forgot to give the musicians the disarm code or the phone number of the alarm company, and as it turned out he'd also left his cell phone in his vehicle when the locked-in people tried to reach him. Prophet was justifiably steamed, but eventually the need for food (and beer) got the better of him, and soon enough everyone decided to make the best of things. Someone cued up the Jennings album, which happened to be on hand, and after still more drinking of beer... you can guess what happened next.

As band member John Murry put it, "Yes. We would do the fucking thing. We would re-record the record with all new interpretations of the songs. We were half drunk, didn't want to argue because peanut butter makes your mouth REALLY sticky and it kinda starts to hurt if you try to talk too much, and so we gave in. J.J. had all the gear up and running in no time. Guitars, amps, mandolins, basses, drums, a Casiotone key-tar thing, and assorted crap was gathered together. We started recording, beginning with "Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way" and going straight on through to "Bob Wills Is Still The King". Sean came back late Saturday night. We scared him; not looking so good and all: smelling like peanut butter, cigarettes, and beer and what not. The rest is history. Recorded history."

Go to the Dreaming Waylon's Dreams website for the complete story. (Don't forget to click on the box that reads "View Photos Here"—it takes you to a page at the ever-eclectic site wherein you can look at images from the sessions.

The music is currently being streamed at the website. Meanwhile, a limited, hand-numbered edition of 1000 has also been manufactured with artwork by Bruce Licher of Savage Republic and Scenic fame, plus photographs and a chapbook detailing the recording.

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by Fred Mills on November 16, 2007 COMMENTS • Filed under CD Reviews (Dreaming Waylon’s Dreams)