It's been a minute. Boy, where did all the escargot? All I know is I've been mowing through the oatmeal. When I bought the first of many massive packages of oatmeal, I thought to myself, "This is gonna last forever." Well, forever has come and gone about five times now.

Where were we?

First off, we've got a gig! Yessir! Sunday November 1, 2020 - 4PM PDT/7PM EDT. We'll be performing on Mountain Stage w/ Larry Groce. The Special Online Event emanating from the Culture Center Theater in Charleston, WV.

Watch LIVE at or We'll be playing along with our pal Kim Richey and new friends S.G. Goodman and Sierra Ferrell. No cost to stream but viewers are encouraged to purchase a "pay what you wish ticket" via EventBrite.

Tickets Link The show will hit public radio air waves via NPR stations later this year.

And we've contributed a song to Sally Can't Dance: The Cramps virtual Halloween show: Tune in to The Bowery Electric for the livestream show on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30 at 6PM PDT/9PM EDT.

ONCE MORE: if you haven't checked in on my Trip In The Country radio show, you're missing out. 2 hours of COVID free jams. Every Friday at 2 PM PST with me your host hand picking records. Today we have special guest Jim Caligiuri. We'll be talking about the late great Jerry Jeff Walker. And playing some of Jim's favorite Jerry Jeff cuts. Sure it's Country music, but we take it places. Also, it's all interactive. People from all over the globe come and hang out and mouth off in the chat.

So meet me in a hurry behind the barn! And be sure to hit "subscribe". GIMME COUNTRY:

IN OTHER MERCH NEWS: Fleet Wood made these handmade LTTF bandannas. If you already ordered, thanks for the patience. These hand made puppies take some real doing to make. They're coming!

Fleet Wood is a cool place in the heart of the Tenderloin that doubles as an art gallery and a boutique. Nico there does the screen printing on-site. The bandannas turned out cool and honestly, any opportunity I can find to promote an independently owned business in the Tenderloin is great for me. And come to think great for the neighborhood. And great for the city too. San Francisco real estate has never been less friendly. So if you can, support this little business. Also, Nico usually gives a printing workshop during the holidays. Where people can learn to make their own T-shirts and tote bags. Pretty cool, right?

Here's the direct link where you can purchase the bandana, which is now live:

Wish us luck on Mountain Stage. We'll be flying out there to make it happen.

And don't worry, I know you really want us out there playing the old-fashioned way: with a room full of drunks (that's you) shouting at us while we play. We'll get there. Until then, catch you on the inner-webs.

And once again, thanks for being on this newsletter list. Maybe you signed up for this list back in the dog days of Summertime Thing. Or maybe you came in more recently. Either way, I'm glad to have you along for the ride. I appreciate any and all of it. Thanks for reading these e-mails, following me on twitter, and "the Gram" and the like. And for the folks I found rummaging through our recycling bin out on the curb? I love you too. I hope you find some use for all those empty bottles of sparkling water that we bought on sale.

PS: In the "Leave Britney alone!!" Dept. People, you do realize that Van Morrison is not a scientist, right? (Although he did dabble in Scientology) I mean, I don't go to Gene Simmons to ask about proper rules of etiquette. Leave Van alone! We know he's cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. We don't go to Van for science, now do we?



PS: Oh, and here's the Rock The Vote show. It was pretty fun. Now get out there and do it:

PPS: Chris Metzler says to "Please also mention 4 page feature in the new Vive Le Rock magazine"


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