Hello Folks,

We've got both kinds of gigs to announce. Virtual and old fashioned. Yes, we're happy to announce the Chuck Prophet and the Mission Express Mid-Season Replacement Show on StageIt. Starring Chuck Prophet, Stephanie Finch, and the Mission Express.

What exactly, you might be wondering, IS a Mid-Season Replacement show? Well, if you consult your hymnals, it's a network filler after most of their other series have been canceled or fulfilled their commitment. And we've had a lot of things canceled, and we've definitely fulfilled our commitments, so...

But rest assured, folks, this will be our first and last innerweb TV special. For our first and last innerweb TV special, we have dug deep and spared no expense. Filmed and taped by us in our Pandemic Bunker. If you like live music and choreography and skits, this will be the place. New songs, old songs, the Mission Express, songs off our new Long Player The Land That Time Forgot, and the odd cover versions. See it all go down from the comfort of your own home.

But it gets better! The StageIt show is "pay what you can." Is that insane or what? We'll take your answers off the air.

As if that's not enough, here is a World Premiere Announcement:


Sunday Aug 01 2021: HopMonk & KC Turner Presents

Chuck Prophet & the Mission Express

"The Roadhouse Sundown Series"

at Twin Oaks Roadhouse beergarden - Penngrove CA

The ticket link can be found at

IN EVEN MORE OTHER NEWS: Next week is Bandcamp Friday. So, check out our store. A quick word about Bandcamp to those unfamiliar: it's a cool organization that pays more than some of the other music sites I could mention but won't. The first Friday of every month is "Bandcamp Friday", wherein the site waives all its service fees, so that the artists get the full monty. We'll have a couple rare items in there. I'll sign 'em if you like.

Act soon. Once the stuff is gone, it's gone. The past is never past—except in the case of THESE RARE ITEMS.

Here's the Bandcamp link:

Until next time – and we have faith, there WILL be a next time. And a time after that.



Old Friends (LYRICS)

What Makes the Money Dance? (LYRICS)

Summertime Thing (LYRICS)

That’s How Much I Need Your Love (LYRICS)

Elouise (LYRICS)


Thu Jul 29 Point San Pablo Harbor
Richmond, CA
Sun Aug 01 HopMonk & KC Turner Present ‘The Roadhouse Sundown Series’ at Twin Oaks Roadhouse
Penngrove, CA
Sun Aug 08 HopMonk & KC Turner Present ‘The Roadhouse Sundown Series’ at Twin Oaks Roadhouse
Wed Aug 11 Shank Hall
Milwaukee, WI
Thu Aug 12 Space
Evanston, IL