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We have pre-order links and bundles that include "BOBBY FULLER DIED FOR YOUR SINS" [Feb. 10 release, Yep Roc Records, tapes, health aids and snowboard apparel] along with tickets to a show. "Wait, Chuck, do you mean if I order a bundle, I can get a record AND tickets to see you and the Mission Express live in a town near me?" That's eggsackly what I mean! Whoa, this bundle business is "next level" to the max! (The pre-order bundles took some real technological doing, so please do dig in, and with both hands.)

Ticket + Album Preorder Bundles here:

As if that's not enough (and we know it isn't), we've got tour dates too - on both sides of the pond. Including a run of US dates with The Bottle Rockets that we're especially excited about. Dig the dates at the bottom of the e-mail. Also, I'm also headed East to take part in the Light Of Day shows. Check the listings. Learn more here:

2016? Am I right? What a year. People are wasted. Disenchanted. Flattened out. Sucked dry. But we're not. We're looking forward to getting Out There - looking forward to heading out on tour to re-enchant the world one gig at a time, one balmy February day in the U.K. at a time. I'm not sure if rock and roll can get people to vote (or change their vote) or be nicer to each other, but we'll be running battery cables out into the audience, hoping to connect the circuits and maybe create a few sparks before it's over.

Am I getting warm? It's been a year where we said goodbye to heroes - Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen, Sharon Jones, Leon Russell, Haggard, Lemmy, Muhammad Ali... and Harper Lee to name a few. And no matter who you are or what your deal is, we've all had our faith put to the test. There's been a lot of "Burn this motherf—-er down" and "Burn this bitch DOWN," from all sides of the grocery aisles.


Really. Who am I to complain? Deep in the heart of the Money Belt, we're thousands of miles from the Bible Belt or the Rust Belt. Not to mention the Hills of Appalachia or the post post-industrial heartland. There are far worse things than being curled up like a pretzel in the back bench of a Ford Econoline listening to Chuck Berry on the iPod and reading Elmore Leonard on a Kindle on the way to a real live club where you'll be playing music with your friends.

Friends like Stephie Finch, Vicente Rodriguez, Kevin T White and James DePrato.

I don't see anyone around here being forced to drink water contaminated with lead, come to think, either. As for my neighborhood? The worst of it is going on tour and coming back to more ugly condos. I look up at those things and I wonder, "How did they get the very same architect that was behind every Radisson Hotel circa 1982?"

If you were to rock back in the Hot Tub Time Machine and take a look around the Castro today and see $1,800 strollers being pushed by Hispanic nannies down the sidewalks, and take in all the crappy new retail. . . Chew on this: there are FOUR third wave coffee joints on one side of Market street in the Castro. The kind where if you were to purchase a cappuccino and someone was to serve it to you without a heart or a leaf or your grandma's poodle in the foam, you might have to schedule an extra appointment with your therapist; and if you were behind the counter, something like that could probably get you fired.

I honestly don't know what you'd think.

As for those angry white men and the women who love them? Let me quote one of the more rock and roll people who passed on this year. The great Harper Lee. [A woman who wrote one novel, an immediate classic and then was silent for 55 years].

"You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it."

- Atticus Finch (no relation).

As if that's not enough (and what IS ever enough), Four by Two has a new issue out, ALMOST OUT OF SYMBOLS:

Power to the people write on,

-CPJan 6- 15 Light Of Day shows on the east coast.

2/8/17 – Hamburg, DE – Knust

2/9/17 – Berlin, DE – Frannz

2/10/17 – Geislingen an der Steuge, DE - Ratschenmuhle

2/11/17 – Ravensburg, DE - Zehntscheuer

2/12/17 – Wesel, DE – Jugendzentrum Karo

2/13/17 – Utrecht, NL - Tivoli Vredenburg

2/14/17 – Oxford, UK – The Bullingdon

2/15/17 – Glasgow , UK- ABC2

2/16/17 – Leeds, UK – The Brudnell Social Club

2/17/17 – Manchester, UK - The Deaf Institute

2/18/17 – Winchester, UK – The Railway

2/19/17 – Nottingham, UK – Rescue Rooms

2/20/17 – Bristol, UK – The Tunnels

2/21/17 – London, UK – The Garage

2/22/17 – Amsterdam, NL - Bitterzoet

2/23/17 – Leiden, NL – QBUS

2/25/17 - Zurich, CH - El Lokal

2/26/17 - Vienna, AT - Chelsea

2/27/17 - Prague, CZ - Jazz Dock


3/10/17 – Austin, TX – Continental Club

3/11/17 – Austin, TX – Continental Club

3/12/17 – Dallas, TX – Sundown at Granada

3/14/17 – Omaha, NE – The Sunday Roadhouse Presents

3/15/17 – St. Paul, MN – The Turf Club

3/16/17 – Madison, WI – High Noon Saloon w/ The Bottle Rockets

3/17/17 – Chicago – Old School of Folk w/ The Bottle Rockets

3/18/17 – Milwaukee, WI – Shank Hall w/ The Bottle Rockets

3/19/17 – Fort Wayne, IN – The B-Side at One Lucky Guitar

3/21/17 – Toronto, ON – Horseshoe Tavern

3/22/17 – Buffalo, NY – Sportsmen's Tavern

3/23/17 – Worthington, OH – Natalie's

3/24/17 – Newport, KY – The Southgate House Revival

3/25/17 – Cleveland, OH – Beachland Ballroom

3/26/17 – Pittsburgh, PA – Club Café

3/28/17 – Washington, DC – The Hamilton Live w/ The Bottle Rockets

3/29/17 – New York, NY – Bowery Ballroom w/ The Bottle Rockets

3/30/17 – Philadelphia, PA – World Café Live w/ The Bottle Rockets

3/31/17 – Hudson, NY – Club Helsinki w/ The Bottle Rockets

4/1/17 – Northampton, MA – Iron Horse Music Hall w/ The Bottle Rockets

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Sat Feb 23 Live at Drew’s
Ringwood, NJ
Fri Mar 08 Continental Club
Austin, TX
Sat Mar 09 Continental Club
Austin, TX
Sat Mar 09 Continental Club
Austin, TX
Wed Mar 13 The Turf Club
St. Paul, MN