Dudes: What. Is. Up?

Dudes: What. Is. Up? Other than Trump's hobo dream in his gold tower, blasting out tweets on his gold toilet seat while his wife dreams about grilled cheese sandwiches. Are we a country at war with ourselves? Simply put, it's been hard for me just keeping all the bad news straight.

Everybody wants to know when this damned country is gonna get it's act together. (When will I get my act together? Never mind.) Like I said, it's hard to keep up with it all. It's like that TV series Lost. When I was touring with Giant Sand, Lost was on 24/7 in the lounge on the tour bus. And as much as I like elaborate and intricately crafted drama, mostly that show made me feel stupid and confused. I couldn't keep up with the pussy grabbing and the lawsuits and appointments. Next thing you know you're so deep down the psycho rabbit hole with Alice, you're like, "How are we ever going to get out of this?" What? Wait. What were we talking about?

MEANWHILE, back at the CP Unlimited Ranch, we're pressing onward, with our new mantra still too wet to touch: Keep Calm and Blow a Trumpet. Hopefully in tune.

Of musical note - remember music! - we've got a few choice words. First up, there's a Leonard Cohen tribute tonight right here in S.F., at The Chapel with a star-studded cast I'm happy to be included in (bring your own stars and studs). I'm even lobbying Stephie to join me on a song, if I can meet a few more riders in her contract. More details here:

Did anybody else read the recent feature on LC in the New Yorker? One of the last things he said really stuck with me: "More than at any time of my life, I no longer have that voice that says, 'You're f*cking up." We should all live so long.

Tonight's Leonard Cohen tribute should be a great night. Too many luminaries to to mention. Oh, what the hell, I'll try: Tim Bluhm, Sonny Smith, Rusty Miller, Sylvie Simmons, Christopher Owen, Sarah Beth Nelson, Mark Kozelek - and the list goes on. So many songs. It could go on all night. And just might. Be there in body or spirit or both.

So, here's to f*cking up!

And here's Bad Year for Rock and Roll a new song from my upcoming LP "Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins." One about losing faith and gaining faith and f*cking up hard:

Dig into my "California Noir" playlist on Spotify and enter to win BIG PRIZES like the new record and an Eastman guitar:

You can also PRE ORDER the new record here:

While we're here, this is as good a time as any to wish everyone a very happy holiday and a great new year.


Til then Penguins,

Old Friends (LYRICS)

What Makes the Money Dance? (LYRICS)

Summertime Thing (LYRICS)

That’s How Much I Need Your Love (LYRICS)

Elouise (LYRICS)


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Tue May 14 Pearl Street Warehouse
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