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Hey, speaking of merchandise. We had such a ball touring with the Bottle Rockets, and before we ink a deal with, we want to give you opportunity to own a commemorative Chuck Prophet/Bottle Rockets poster. Our man John Wiseman at Ocho Loco made each and every one by hand with loving care.

Memories fade, love dies, but an Ocho Loco poster lasts forever. And yes, they make great gifts. Only $25.00. It's probably too late for Christmas, but if you buy one today we'll gift wrap it at no additional cost. I'll even make it easy for you.

Check out the poster and place your order here:

Speaking of merch table memories, lately I've been a little off my game and there have been times Stephie says, "Maybe you could skip going out there tonight?" And I'm all... "Yeah, but I just bought a new Sharpie." "Yeah," she says, "but I'm not sure you're really helping things so much." So I put my Sharpie away and update my Instagram backstage.

Here's some highlights of recent comments:

"So, would you consider doing a Green on Red reunion?"

"I like to buy the records straight from the artist. So they can get the money. Plus, you guys are getting hosed by all the damned illegal downloading, right?"

"Do you take Discover?"

Then there's the guy who came up with a Green On Red LP from 1985. Wanted a signature. Dan Stuart has already scrawled "This man has no chin" and drawn an arrow pointing towards Chris Cacavas's picture. I take out my Sharpie and pull the cap off with my teeth. Holding the cap in my mouth I write under Dan's image: "This man has in excess of three chins at last count." I snap the cap back on the Sharpie and walk away feeling pretty good.

Green On Red was never an organization for sensitive people. Insults were our preferred mode of communication. Collectors aren't happy until they have the whole band's collective signature. They track us down at obscure gigs. House parties in South Dakota.

Then a woman. Always the women. "Is there something going on between you and the girl playing the keyboard..." Yes, I confess, we've started dating.

Bring on the Career Consultants: "Tell your manager you should play at the Bait and Tackle Store. Or at Cake Counter. Those are the places everyone goes."

Oh and, here comes the guy whose phone I confiscated during the show. I grabbed it like a monkey grabs food. He wants to apologize. "I was only trying to send a picture to a sick friend in New Zealand who couldn't make the show." He's having too much fun now to stop.

An old drummer friend shows up and starts in about his new gig. I say, "That sounds cool." And he says, "Yes, it's good. I have nothing to complain about. I'm blessed. Real blessed, Chuck."

Maybe I'm blessed too, but don't know it.

Backstage, Instagram updated, I pick up a magazine and pretend to read it. Stephie is raking in the merch dosh hand over fist (I like to imagine), and everyone else is on their phones.

I know you're reading this thinking I'm some kind of asshole. (Please don't write and tell me which kind.) Hey, I have gratitude. Hell, people give me gifts. Chocolates and things. So I guess I am blessed after all.

There I said it.

Sometimes I don't know what to say to people. I mean, I'd be lost without them. Parking cars and washing dishes... or worse, go back to taking college classes. So, thanks guys. If you're reading this. I love you.

Plus it was a pretty healthy night. The Merch seller the club provided so Stephie could go eat her salad pressed a stack of sweaty 20's into my hands. #No filter. #Blessed. . . .



“The excellent songs keep coming.” – Los Angeles Times

"Protest songs that leave you more pissed than you were before and half-told tales that leave you curiouser and curiouser" - Robert Christgau

"The excellent songs keep coming." – Los Angeles Times

"Ultimately, every track on this masterfully sculpted set courses with life-affirming pop-rock passion" - Classic Rock

"Everywhere ageless rock'n'roll brio comes freighted with careworn sagacity." - Mojo

"There's something elegantly and acerbically wasted about Chuck Prophet.'' A-—Entertainment Weekly

Folk and Rock (France) Album of the month ****

"The overall mood is bright, hovering somewhere between the lyrical directness of Jonathan Richman and the West Coast energy of Tom Petty." - Uncut

"Prophet's new album feels like riding shotgun down some mythic highway with a rock true believer." – NPR, First Listen

"Bobby Fuller may have died for your sins, but Chuck Prophet is freakin' god!" - Jim Caligiuri, The Austin Chronicle

"A fresh, full-color take on the darker side of all things Golden State." – NPR, Heavy Rotation

"He's a throwback who believes two guitars, bass, drums and a sense of humor make for great music, and he's right." – Associated Press

"He has recorded over a dozen solo albums that just keep getting better." – NPR, World Cafe

"The music attests to the enduring resilience of rock-and-roll itself." – Philadelphia Inquirer

"Memorable melodies, exuberant playing, detailed lyrics and unflinching honesty...yet another example of not just Prophet's love of rock and roll, but an ability to create it with the spirit and intensity of the best." – American Songwriter

"Prophet's voice has grown richer with time and his melodies sharper." – San Francisco Chronicle

"If you're as moved by music as Chuck Prophet, you'll want to listen to his new album."– KEXP

"He calls this collection of tunes 'California Noir,' and the album delivers on that promise with songs that explore the deteriorating American dream and all its faded glory." – Magnet

"Smart, honest and thoughtful...Prophet has rarely been better as a vocalist, finding the right tone on every track." – AllMusic

"When Chuck Prophet releases a new album, it's never a bad year for rock and roll." – No Depression

"Prophet's Ray Davies-like vocals merge with the blistering chops of the Mission Express to create a rousing, thought-provoking mélange of the highs and lows of society." – Elmore

"Chuck Prophet is a big time rock and roll star in a country that has forgotten that it needs big time rock and roll stars." – PopMatters

"What could be sad reflections becomes deliverance by the power, emotion and release of rock 'n' roll." – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Prophet has an effortless feel for pop music's power, fun and grace." – Lexington Herald-Leader

"There is morbidity in 'Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins,' but to hear Prophet tell it, it sounds like a blast." – Glide Magazine

"Chuck Prophet continues his creative roll." – The Guardian

"Hovering somewhere between the lyrical directness of Jonathan Richman and the West Coast energy of Tom Petty." – Uncut

"Prophet brings heft, heart, and honesty to songs with dynamic melodies and lyrical depth." – The Daily Country

"A reminder of how potent straightforward melodic pop/rock can be. That is not, in any way, meant to suggest that this is simple music; the themes on Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins are deep." – The Record Collector

"And what if Prophet was Connie Britton? 'My skin would smell like berries,' he sings. Sweet". - The Washington Times

cabin boys and girls


A couple years back I reviewed a Loudon Wainwright III record for a cool website called TalkHouse where musicians review other musicians' records and actually get paid a little scratch. And my rap on Loudon's record was that even though there's been a tsunami of memoirs from aging musicians who can't seem to resist grabbing the mic and settling some scores, not to mention a boatload of others looking to cash in while there are still books, thankfully we haven't had one from Loudon. Someone who's been content to write and sing his memoirs on LP since the '70s. And nobody else mines details of daily life quite like Loudon.

Well . . . not so fast. I guess Loudon was determined to prove me wrong. He just put out a book of memoirs and essays or whatever called "Liner Notes: On Parents & Children, Exes & Excess, Death & Decay, & a Few of My Other Favorite Things."

So, when Litquake here in SF booked him for an event they reached out to me to interview him onstage. And it was a hoot. Among other things, I ask Loudon if "Motel Blues" ever got him any action and he accuses me of being a "new Dylan." You can now listen to our chat in this Podcast:

Meanwhile, we're not folding up the tent any day soon. There are a couple SOLO shows coming up in Martinez, CA, and Tucson, AZ, followed by a mess of tour dates in the Southeast with the great Bottle Rockets. Plus, dig this cabin boys and girls: Me and the Mission Express are doing our first cruise. See Gigsville below for all the up-to-the-minute deets.

What else? I got a Day-Glo backpack! Yessir. James was once asked to describe me in one word. And he said, "Oh that's easy. He's a loser." In other words, I'm a person who loses things. It kind of hurt my feelings when he said that. I don't know why. Mostly because it's true, I guess. I am a loser. I am a person who loses things. But that's all going to change now that I have this impossible-to-leave-behind yellow Day-Glo backpack. Chuck Y2K! No more panicking before I go onstage. Because I'll always know where my toothbrush is. And like James, I never go onstage until I "whack the grill."



PS: It's true. We're playing a cruise. I'm kind of trying to get my head around it. All seriousness aside, I think it could be pretty cool. But it does make me wonder how ridiculous this would've seemed at one time. Does this mean that soon we'll be playing nursing homes? I hope not. Sounds like good fun. Hope to see some of you there.

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