Time Passes Slowly…

Here In The Mountains

Very Tired
November 08th, 2004


Just readin around and I see Jim Dickinson ,Charlie Feathers , you must have a Memphis conection , wish you would play here soon , we need your groove..Memphis muzic scene

Jeremiah Tucker
November 04th, 2004

a christmas wish from me

chuck, I wish you guys would play a set at the Mother Hips Christmans shows this Dec 17 & 18 in San Francisco. When you guys opened for them last year and played Old Friends, that was one of the highlights of my concert expreiences. Please spread us some more love this year....

November 04th, 2004


hi please bring some t-shirts to London i fancy the guitar-logo-grey-medium thanks

mike sullivan
November 02nd, 2004

" getting a NEW CROWD "

so anyway, i`m on this part time music course thing, just joined to try and meet other people to form a band after not having a great deal of luck with ads etc. anyway on Monday we had to take a Cd of one of our favourite bands/artists and give our comments on a track or two as a collective. now, around 99 percent of the other guys(and Girls for that matter! hahaha!) are into the heavy thrash metal and new wave punk thing....so i casually waltz up to the teacher with "Age of Miracles" in hand and tell the guy to play "You Did" and "Just to see you Smile" ( okay, i know i could`ve took any ONE of Chuck`s albums up, but seeing as this is his most recent, i figured it was the right thing to do). so to cut a looooong story short, i had people coming up to me afterwards asking about more info on this guy called Chuck Prophet..comments such as "what a cool singer!" and "that song was as catchy as fuck" came at me...and i was more than pleased to give them more details!. hahaha!...i`m not talking just a couple of people here, i`m talking about 11 or 13 ( virtually 2 thirds of the class!). so if they dig this?...what they gonna make of "No other Love"..."Homemade blood" etc?. yeah, on the BIG scale of things its only a few people, but it just goes to show that if you give kids a chance to hear something they might never here otherwise ( like on the radio or T.V. etc)...you can get a cool result!. theres another CD session coming up in around 3 weeks...so lets see?..hmm?...i think we`ll give em` some Doug Sahm stuff next time! Adios amigos! peace and rspct.

Billy the Kid
November 02nd, 2004

The intro into Monkey in the middle, there is a media broadcast.Can someone please tell me what that is from? Thanks

November 02nd, 2004

Chuck fans in Poland

Thanks Chuck for nice music ! I know probably you never come to Poland on gigs but just let you know there are your fans.

[ LINK ]

October 30th, 2004

Great Washington Post Review

If Chuck keeps getting these kind of reviews in the big city newspapers, it's going to be a lot harder to get tickets to his shows. :) 10/17/04 - "Automatic Blues", the first track on this CD, kicks off with a swirl of Moog, a snarl of guitar—and the faint sound of a woman laughing. She was probably laughing at Chuck Prophet. It's not that the former frontman of proto-alt-country band Green on Red doesn't make some serious - and seriously moving - music. It's that, whether onstage or in the studio, he obviously loves his work. Whatever stylistic territory he explores - and "Age of Miracles" roams far, from hip-hop to garage to jangle-pop - his work is unified by his sometimes doomy, sometimes ironic voice, and by a creative delight that never seems smug or academic. That consistency is how he can make the leap from "Automatic Blues", a rocker so sludgy it brings mental images of dinosaurs dragging themselves from LaBrea, to "Age of Miracles", a sort of hippie-hymn-cum-headtrip-cum-cult-nightmare, with its mind-bending opening lines: "The night is gonna crush the day / Once it was the other way / We hope that you enjoy your stay." This track is barely gone before electronic blips and Prophet's voice, wailing "I got a letter this morning" through a bullhorn, open "You Did (Bomp Shooby Dooby Bomp)." When he raps "Who put the bomp in the bomp-shooby-dooby-bomp?" it's half affectionate tribute, half ominous accusation. Neither parody nor full-on hip-hop, it's just the right edgy, sometimes ambiguous style for the song's mood. A fine group of musicians, including several keyboardists, percussionists, horn players and backing vocalists, support this ambitious yet confident effort, designed to give its audience as good a time as its maker is having. On several songs, Prophet is still singing over the fade-out, as if he just can't be stopped.

October 29th, 2004

Oz needs a prophet

Hey Chuck, are you ever going to make it down here to Oz. Best of luck with the new album, think it is great cobber.

October 28th, 2004

"monkey in the middle chords?"

for the guitarist`s amongst ya...i`ve got the chords to this as Gm/Bb/C/and i think theres an Fm in there for the middle eight/bridge section?..with the Bb/C/Fm played in a kinda powerchord fashion. am i right or wrong?...or is he using a capo?. i`m rehearsing this one out with my band this week, so i`d like to know that i`m playing the right thing!. peace/rspect

Billy the Kid
October 24th, 2004

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