Photos from show in Toronto (Sep 12, 2004)

Hi, I posted a few pics from the show at Lee's palace here: Enjoy... Steffen

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October 06th, 2004

"Styrofoam," "Shoot ‘em all down"

Chuck opened his recent St. Paul show with a great rocker called Styrofoam. Does anyone know where this song comes from? Is it newly written or an oldie, maybe Green on Red? And there was a beautiful duet they sang, Steph playing guitar and singing into the same mike as Chuck, where the chorus seemed to be "Shoot `em all down." This latter one rings a distant bell. Could it be an oldie they're covering? Can anyone provide information? I would love to see these great songs included on an upcoming studio or live cd.

October 06th, 2004

"Age of Miracles" video

Hey, caught the video for the song it is magnificent. Don't often see low budget videos that impressive. Keep up the good work.

October 06th, 2004

East Coast

Chuck is there any way you can swing through D.C. after the Florida shows?Can anybody tell me what happened to Rob and Winston. Did they leave on there own, or did Chuck want to start new. I saw Chuck thanked Rob on the new record, but he didn't play on it. I see Winston had a limited role. Whats up with dat?VOTE KERRY/EDWARDS!

October 05th, 2004

Who is Playing Drums and Bass Please

What is their names please. Their mothers would not liked them called Grinder Monkeys. Thank you

Jim McGreevy
October 03rd, 2004

Chuck and England!

OK. So we saw Chuck in 2002 (same day as getting back from honeymoon) in Bristol - when do we get to see the band soon?

Bruce Boyes
October 03rd, 2004

Don’t Know…

I'm so surprised at the vast spectrum of taste in the fans of Chuck Prophet World. Not how they taste necessarily, but their taste in (Chuck's) music. I am thinking about the reviewer two posts below. First, I love the album. Yeah, I guess it's different, but man it's a great freakin album. I think a real "songwriters" album. And from that perspective, even superior to "No Other Love." It's really, really effing tasty. And I guess I just assume that someone who digs Chuck's music would really appreciate this album. Yeah, again it's different—there are different nods to other traditions (which of course is something he's known for). To me, it is a really inspired, well thought-out, sophisticated, incredibly mature (from a songwriting perspective), maticulously detailed group of songs that you can tell he left his blood, sweat and graham cracker crumbs behind in. And I guess I think that someone that likes Chuck's music and knows his albums would just naturally appreciate this one. I can't take any more disappointment, please. Anyfreakinway, PLEASE someone post somewhere on this site, the members of the current touring band. I can't believe I haven't heard or am unable to find out—is it just Chuck and Stephanie and some grinder monkeys? Jeeze-Lo-freakin-ease, not that they are really even important. But I just like to keep track of the people around him for my Chuck Prophet scrap-book that I write in blood (home-made, of course).

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Smallest Man In The World
October 03rd, 2004

Turf Club, St. Paul, MN, Oct 2nd

I caught Chuck's show last night in St. Paul. It was a good news/bad news event: The good news is that Chuck and Co. were dazzling and rocked the hell out of a packed house. Chuck is one of the best live performers I've ever seen, who really loosens up and has fun with it. The bad news is that the venue is a teeny little bar that only holds about 150 people. Chuck deserves a much bigger audience!! Also, I had a chance to meet and talk with Chuck before the show—as nice a person as you'll ever meet. Anytime you play in MN, Chuck, we'll be there.

October 03rd, 2004

the new album…hmm?.

i was finally able to get "age of miracles" this weekend and after playing it a few times, here`s my opinion of it. my favourite track by far is " you did (bomp shooby dooby bomp)...i really dig the hip-hop groove thats goin` on and chucks voice sounds great behind the beat, in rapping mode. i`m all for this new direction,( as in combining the blues and sounds of the modern era)...but i can appreciate that some just wanna see him get back to raw country/rock`n` roll such as "homemade blood". since chuck has gone solo, his guitar playing on records has been much reduced since his pistol whipping days in green on red, when keith richards and richard thompson licks were flying all over the fucking place to the delight of fans. but you`ve gotta move on and it seems chuck is doing just that. on the whole i think "age of miracles" is far weaker ( as in good songs) than his last album ( no other love)...but its a new direction ( its got a very pop sounding vibe runnin through) but there are still rootsy and raw numbers such as "smallest man in the world" which sounds like a song j.j.cale would have wrote to me and it works really well, as does..the raw blues of"monkey in the middle"..( chuck is really a damn fine vocalist as well as a guitar player!). "just to see you smile" is one of those tracks that you have to listen to a few times and to me its got a very "dylan" type vibe going on. "automatic blues" is a fine modern blues sounding tune with great vocals once again. now to the bad points (in my opinion) "heavy duty" and the title track "age of miracles" are songs that just don`t work for me, "heavy duty" just sounds like a track that was used to fill a void in the traclisting at some point? and "age of miracles" is just a tough one for me to listen sounds like a really bad pop song and i really cringe when chuck says something like "lets clap hands" near the outro!. its definately one of those songs you`ll either love or hate. then there`s "west memphis moon" which has great moving lyrical content but the music just goes on and on and on!.its like your waiting for a chord change that never happens unfortunately. onto "you`ve got me where you want me" which has those lovely wah,wah country guitar riffs going on in the background as in "after the rain" from "no other love" but the song is so weak in comparison....luckily, "pin a rose on me" follows this one ( a cool tune). then finally there`s "solid gold" which just kinda drifts and drifts and doesn`t go anywhere!. i`m sure many of you will disagree with this review and really dig the new record. i don`t dislike it, but i certainly don`t love it. "you did (bomp shooby dooby bomp)" is a fucktastic track was "dyin`all young" from "the hurting business"....which also had that hip- hop and sampling goin` on. one thing can be said, chuck is a versatile as hell!...and long may he go on making music!...i just hope it gels better in the future than "age of miracles" comes across. *looking forward to checking the band out "live" in the u.k. REAL sooooon!. peace and rspect.

billy the kid
October 02nd, 2004

Fitzgeralds (Berwyn, IL)

What an excellent show at Fitzgerald's on Oct. 1st. It just sounded great. Thank you, Chuck (and band). However, I had to cut out before the show was over—during Automatic Blues. So, what happened after I left? What'd I miss? Anyone?

Joe Laurx
October 02nd, 2004

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