If It’s Tuesday This Must Be Belgium

Hi, I'm an American living in Brussels and am totally psyched to discover Chuck's playing in Gent—at a nice venue where I saw Lucinda play last year... A friend of mine recently gave me No Other Love, which is one of the best albums I've heard in a long time. I just bought The Hurting Business (equally brilliant) and am waiting for the new one. Looking forward to the Gent show...

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Craig Winneker
October 19th, 2004


If Chuck Prophet doesn't come to L.A. soon I will never stop crying. This could result in a serious medical condition, not to mention premature aging around the eye area. For the love of all that is good, get your ass down here Chuck Prophet. Thank you.

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October 19th, 2004

what a excellent vocalist Chuck is!.

i don`t know what you guy`s are into in a vocal sense?...but Chuck is one of the all time fucking greats for me. And do you know why?....because his voice is distinctive. okay, so there`s a bit of tom petty in there, but he is a far better vocalist in my opinion. I like to think i dig some of the greats from Taj Mahal, Doug Sahm, through to Tom waits, these guys can give me shivers in their vocal performances and so can Chuck Prophet. The first time i ever had the hairs on the back of my neck stand up due to a vocal performance was on "The Last Waltz" by "The Band"...when Neil Young sang "Helpless"....and Levon Helm gave a blistering rendition of "The Night they drove old Dixie down". I`ve never give a shit about the vocal range a singer has...for me its the way they deliver a tune which is far more fucking important that how many notes on the vocal scale they can reach!. The thing is with Chuck....he is just as good (vocally) on the "live" stage as he is on studio recordings from the times i`ve seen him play "live". So not only is he my favourite guitar player of all time, he also has one of the best singing voice`s in the business in my opinion. peace and respct.

Billy the Kid
October 17th, 2004

Chuck Rules Tampa Bay!

Chuck had the crowd eating out of their hands last night at Skipper's Smokehouse in Tampa. The place was full of Chuck0philes (myself included)singing every word to his songs(myself included). We just can't get enough. The newly tempo'd (sp.?)"Apology" was a knockout along with a stellar version of "West Memphis Three", a song so haunting and moving it brings me to tears (really). I can't say I don't miss Teenage Rob and Winston, I still don't know what went down and Chuck was pretty cryptic about what happened. Hey, mysteries are a good thing. Keeps life interesting. Regardless, the new band mates kept the groove going and Max Butler is always terrific. I did notice some pretty elaborate finishes to the songs - start them strong and finish them out with the same energy. wonderful. Let's see, what else would fans want to know? Oh, very important. Chuck looks terrific! Even though I have always been oddly attracted to his thin, lanky somewhat starved frame - he looks so great with a little meat on his bones. I might have even noticed some color in his cheeks! What a sweetie. Also, as one of Chuck's women supporters I would like to make it clear that Ms. Stephanie is truly loved by all in our fair city. We are waiting for a new album and we support the suggestion of Dusty covers by Steph. She is wonderfully talented with a voice like a summer song bird. Steph rocks! Chuck left this morning to travel to his next gig in Spokane Washington, he has Tampa's own Ronny Elliott in the van with him. As I understand it neither one of them are good drivers so drive defensively if you are on hwy 10 headed west. Lookout for two bandits on the road, white chevy van. And if you are lucky enough to find them, call me at 813-254-1. . . . ok, well nevermind. ONe more thing. If you are a fan of Chuck's and have never heard any of Ronny's music, start with a great cd titled "Poisonville" and go from there. A wonderful talent and a treasure in our community. Love to all Chuck fans and freaks. Remember, spend money on cd's and swag. Gotta keep the band in fresh guitar strings. More later. . . Keep the Peace and VOTE!

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Jane Rose Doe a.k.a Sheryl, WMNF COMMUNITY RADIO, TAMPA
October 16th, 2004

Austin city limits/ recent live gigs

for the british fans amongst the gang, does anyone know if this programme has been televised over here on a satellite channel or the like?...looks like we won`t be getting to see the shows over here...major bummer!. shame about the fact that there`s only two dates taking place this year as well, both in London and i can`t make either unfortunately!....major bummer number 2! for those of you who have been lucky enough to check out chuck and co. over the past couple of weeks, how is the new line up sounding?...and do the tracks that he plays from "Age of Miracles" work on the live stage?....is you did (bomp shooby dooby bomp) been played for example?. peace and rspect.

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Billy the Kid
October 16th, 2004

Thanks for the beer!

Chuck, Thanks for the brewski at the Jacksonville show! Enjoyed the performance...You Guys Rock!

October 13th, 2004

Magnolia Cafe

Caught your show last night. Excellent. Love that Tele work.

October 11th, 2004


I'm sorry that I ever asked what happen to the former band members. I actually wanted a real answer.Not some work of fiction from some jerkoff. Nontheless it's about the music,and what great music it is. Chuck you never cease to amaze me. Record after record. You are absolutly brlliant. I have to thank Lucinda Williams for turning me on to you.She always has great openers. Had she not put you on her 2002 tour I may still not know who the hell you are.Again and again I must request that you come back to the DC area as soon as possible.You are an inspiration to us all! Keep us goovin'!

October 10th, 2004

Truth gets in way of good story…....

Saul and the Dixie Chicks forgot the part about Rob and Winston leaving the country for Costa Rica after caving in Mr. Prophet's rather large cranium. They are now working for one of the largest Drug Lord/White Slavery/Amway distributors in the Americas. Winston, on the other hand would not play "second banana" to his Costa Rican drug lord/slavery/amway host, so he now runs a whore house in Buenos Aires. Rob at last count was working on a Self-Help audio book series for Rageaholics in Truth or Consequences, NM. His new Info-mercials feature, Anthony Robbins, Flea, Joey Buttafuco and Tom Boseley. We wish him well. We suggest anyone possessing further information on these men come forward and bring us out of the darkness.

James Nasium
October 09th, 2004

What Happened to Winston and Rob? (One man’s "story")

It was always known on the inside (even back in the GOR days) that Chuck liked to tease. But, a year or so ago, when he quite smoking, I heard somewhere (maybe on this message board) that his teasing became unmerciful. It apparently came to a head one night on tour last fall when Chuck called Rob a "retard" on stage and later slapped him without warning as Rob went to light a cigarette after the show. Of course, this made everyone angry, but especial Rob and Winston who had long felt Chuck's wrath of subtle taunt and the humiliation of Chuck's so-called benign ridicule. Everyone knows that Chuck is the master of turning a phrase and when he places his caustic bull-eye on you, you don't stand a chance. This night it was Rob's turn. Rob and Winston had begun talking among themselves about this aspect of their otherwise satisfying musical position. But Rob felt doubly hurt and betrayed by the final humiliation of the "retard" comment—because, not only had he endured this on stage in front of a half-packed crowd of mostly uninterested people, but the "retard" comment, he knew, came from a conversation where he apparently bared his soul about some problems he was having in school and some testing or something while he and Chuck were the only ones awake in the van driving the dark roads of the South West. So from what I heard anyway, they were in some town on Route 80, like Winnemucca, or Elko, or Lovelock and when Stephanie was napping and Max was out "looking for some guitar strings" (he apparently knew what was up), Rob and Winston beat the crap out of Chuck so bad that he had to cancel that night and have some friends drive up from San Francisco to finish out the next week of gigs—black and blue, no less. I never heard what happened to Rob and Winston. I know they rented a Plymouth Alero and drove a hundred miles an hour back to Tuscon with only three piss breaks and casino/whore-house stop for Winston. By the time they got into town they were arguing constantly about the shitty car Rob had rented and how Winston wasn't paying the high drop-off fees. I guess Stephanie, as always, is doing better than everyone expects and devoting most of her time outside the band to her beloved cat, Danielle Steele and her "witchcraft". And Max, by far the most spiritual and genuinely grounded member of the group, is willing to endure Chuck's slights and occasional emotional cat-o-nine-tails knowing that, as hard as he tries, he will never be able to find such a staunch Republican band leader in San Francisco.'

Saul Cohen (2004-10-07), Reposted by Home Office-Dan
October 08th, 2004

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