Your show in Cologne 10/07

After the great set you & your team put on monday night in Cologne I was wondering when you do you release a new live album ?

As long you haven't i'll keep visiting your live show. so I hope to see you (again) at Roepaen at the 24th!

Keep playing the good music! And as long as you keep playing Willie Mays I'll keep singing along !

October 08th, 2014

Night Surfer

My review of Chuck's great new LP on Louder Than War...

Steve SWift
September 25th, 2014

columbus, ohio gig

Hey Chuck,

Love what I've heard of night surfer can't wait to get the rest of the tracks. Looking forward to seeing you at the Valley Dale. That place has some history. Saw my first live show there. The 4 Seasons, too long ago to remember the year. Waiting for tickets to go on sale for 11/13 show......

Jan Yates
October 15th, 8340

Night Surfer

Advance copy of Night Surfer...great record...your best yest. Nice job Chuck.Hey...nobody looks at web sites anymore...

September 17th, 2014

Great Record.

Hey Chuck,

Been a fan for years. Got all of your records to date. I love every one of them. But this record is unbelievable good. Just streamed the entire album on

September 16th, 2014


Driftwood tonight! Really???

September 13th, 2014

Night Surfer

Yo, the tracks so far off the new album: love the writing and the rock. Well on its way to being my end of year soundtrack. Looking forward to seeing you come through Chicago sometime down the road. Take care!

[ LINK ]

Simeon Peebler
October 15th, 2040

this weekend

I don't suppose you are playing anywhere in SF this weekend (5th to 7th) are you Mr Prophet? Or if not is there anyone on you can recommend?

Also best guitar shop?

[ LINK ]

Michael P
September 03rd, 2014


Cant wait to see you in Sydney!

October 15th, 5780

Please come to Australia

Can't wait to see you In Melbourne.

August 22nd, 2014

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