“Soap And Water”

“Soap And Water” Sessions

We've been back in the studio making a new record!

What can I say? It rained a lot the last couple weeks. We got it on our face and on our hair. We holed up. We ordered out. We gave it up for the songs, for each other. We prayed for our mayor, let the rain wash him clean. We exhausted our nine volt battery supply. We bought more. We goofed on some agitated single coil cubist junk, got serious with the spring reverb on mournful ballads. We took it to parts unknown. Together we kept time. Together we kept each other laughing. We fought the good fight into the wee hours. We shared new bruises every morning. We bought more tape and chewed right through the reels. We cut a mess of songs. Some of which are up and running and fending for themselves, others demanding more care.

Anyway, stay tuned, I'll try to keep you updated in the coming weeks with pictures and words and maybe even some 16 mm motion (for real(!) Danny Plotnick shot hours of footage) film soon as we raise the dough to get it developed.

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