Mexico City - In 1951, a doped to the gills Burroughs recklessly shot and killed his wife here behind this black door. 3:44 PM Apr 20th from TwitPic

Steve says I should make an Elmo, rather than Emo record—"it's just one extra letter and there's a built-in audience".2:17 PM Apr 19th from web

. Listening to Ezra Furman and compiling my big fat 1979 new wave sack of sh*t mix tape for my journey. 5:15 PM Apr 20th from web

Chuck Prophet is in Mexico City. Three hours away by plane, but might as well be the other side of the moon. 10:43 PM Apr 22nd from web

. Staring out the window at the cars passing back and forth. I lose count of the VW Bugs. It's an endless sea. 9:33 PM Apr 23rd from web

is talking to himself in the bathroom mirror. The recording gods are angry. What have I done to upset them? 10:23 PM Apr 24th from web

. Mexico City cancels all public events to fight flu. It's a ghost town. Justin says: tell those interns to wash their hands twice(!) 6:28 AM Apr 26th from web

Deadly flu virus, power goes out mid-take, studio blows up two hard drives. All in all I'm a charmed SOB. 6:47 AM Apr 26th from web

Out here half past nowhere Mexico City. The "big shitty". Used to think w/ tape rolling I was a desperate mother. I ain't done yet. 6:54 PM Apr 26th from web

Can I have an outside line? 8:28 PM Apr 26th from web

Bordering on paranoia here. But I do my part and dutifully don the mask. Relax, Mexico introduced chocolate to the world! 7:12 PM Apr 27th from web

More power failures, and 6.4 earthquake mid take. Stellar day. Recording gods smiling down. Taco's on a picnic table in the courtyard too. 7:24 PM Apr 27th from web

Last night lay sleepless. Swarm of bats flying out my brain like some Goya etching. Tonight smiling like an idiot. I'll miss this place.10:46 PM Apr 28th from web

. Tight band. Great feel. Time: I'd like to find the dude that invented that, and see what he's working on now. 8:29 AM Apr 30th from web

. Cutting the last song: "Leave the Window Open" right now. Please no more jokes about `avoiding Mexico like the plague'. 2:41 PM Apr 29th from web

. Pass the Colgate. This mask doesn't smell so hot. Christ, what a guy has to do to fit in down here. 2:58 PM Apr 29th from web

. Chuck's Excellent Adventure heads to the Airporto. We hear they're screening folks, taking their temperatures. 6:38 AM Apr 30th from web

. Andy told Dan Penn I went to Mexico. Dan says: What for? An upholstery job? 7:19 AM Apr 30th from web

I'll miss staff at Estudio 19: The humor, smiles, kindness, glasses of water, and perfectly timed coffee's in the booth. Da whole enchilada .about 2 hours ago from web