May I Have A Biscuit?

A few days ago in London, we recorded one of the last sessions at the world renown Maida Vale BBC studios. This is "the Beeb" as in "Bowie at the Beeb", Stravinsky recorded some classics here. Not to mention Nirvana and many lesser knowns. Also, this is the last place Bing Crosby ever recorded.

The BBC is selling off this studio amidst great protest. But for now, in the words of ELO, it's a living thing.

Although Green On Red taped many a BBC session. (In fact, there's a CD available of our sessions out now), I've never been in this room. Kind of a thrill I reckon. I made sure to take a picture of the microphone locker for those vintage audio gear fetishists out there. (I would have stolen a mike but my hands were shaking so bad!).

This is where the world is translated into music across the wires onto tape, out into the airwaves, through radio speakers into the fragile psyche of the British public. Pretty cool.

Could I have a biscuit please? Of course sir. How about a music stand? Yes, that would be lovely.