Lee Hazlewood: for a fifth of scotch

The Lee Hazlewood Tribute at the Make-Out Room Tom Heyman and co. were the backing band for this cavalcade of starz singing a Lee song (or two). Meghan Edwards, Meryl Press, Charlie Knote, Jeffrey Luck Lucas, Josh Polluck, Stephie Finch, Kelley Stoltz and more, all took turns singing Lee songs. Some classic, some obscure, all twisted gems. Marcos deserves a medal for the organizing the event. CVS ran sound. When Dan Stuart and I met Lee, by chance, in a Scottsdale AZ. studio years ago, we asked him what if any new music he was into. Lee, who was genuinely surprised we knew who he was, started raving about Bobby McFerrin's, "Don't Worry Be Happy" which was a big hit at the time. Lee knew what time it was. Lee was a kinky dude. Lee was a kinky dude. The Jim Thompson of rock and roll if there ever was one. When Lee Hazlewood passed away last year he left behind a mess of great songs. Like Thompson, he wasn't fully appreciated in his time, and dismissed as a hack. Not anymore. Come to think of it, that's the kind of plot twist those guys might appreciate.