“Soap And Water”

Downtime (LYRICS)

Don't want to run with the crowd no more

I've had enough of that stuff

I don't wanna go home

I don't wanna go to the bar

I'm afraid of who might show up

I think I'll move to the mountains

Or maybe to a riverside

Where a man can be alone

I could make it all the way to Salt Lake City on a full tank of gas

Go anywhere I want

I'm looking for some downtown

Mmm, sunshine

Well, I've memorized all the curves on this road

And the cracks in the ceiling too

And I've memorized my face in the mirror

I looked for, but I never got a clue

Now I want some downtime


I want some downtime

Real life dreamin' girl


Now I don't wanna get my head fucked up

And wake up all alone

I want to eat my lunch at the same café everyday

I don't wanna talk into no battery-charging phone

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