Blackout Due Perhaps to Aerial Attack


In a cab with Lex, Chris and Carsten in route to Birthday party for our friend Kathleen.

Ah... the mighty Thames. "That's what stopped Hitler." I don't know about that but I heard Bob Dylan say that to John Lennon in a bootleg film clip of the two of them riding around in a black cab one time. Now they tell me the Mighty Thames is running mighty goddamn dry.

But I'm from California, right. Yeah. Right.

"Fancy a cuppa?" It's party time South London style. Some new friends, some old friends. Neighbors too. Kids, grown-ups and a nice pleasant garden to sit in. A man could get used to this.

Chris volunteers to man the kitchen and cook for all the guests. Cheesecake with berries and more cream for dessert. Like I said, a man could get used to this. (Note to self: "What's with all the food obsessions?") Life is sweet. Mike Leigh knows what I'm talking about.

No one mentions the Kaiser Chiefs or the Happy Chef or the Chieftains or The Naked Chef. We listen to Neil Young's latest and talk about the war. There's a war going on—that's something we can all agree on.

It gets late. The acoustic guitars come out signaling the time to find a ride home.

Now that was a day off.

The Sabbath, you know? Maybe a smart move.