Dateline: Haight St. USA

Stephie was after some Mink Oil (got to protect those boots from the elements). We were happy to find the Haight Shoe Repair right where it's always been.

Curiously, the much protested Gap at the corner Haight and Ashbury, has quietly turned into a Ben and Jerry's. In Holland they've turned churches into venues. In San Francisco, they've turned one of the last Bowling Alleys into the Amoeba record store. Ameoba records? Why it's only the biggest new and used record store in the nation, fool. Today, the owner and steel guitar maestro, Joe Goldmark was celebrating the release of his latest CD (the follow up to "Strong Like Bull but Sensitive Like Squirrel") with an in-store set. Erstwhile clerks, Bart Davenport and David Gleason (pictured) sat in.