Danny and Alison’s Digs

I trekked out to the Excelsior district this AM to visit with Danny Plotnick. He and his lovely wife Alison Faith Levy (a great sinner/songwriter in her own right) bought into this place 6 years ago. This morning we gathered with some friends to tape a Podcast in the living room. Danny's the blurry dude in the upper left corner.

Danny has been championing Super 8 for years. Fat City Death Sled, I Socky, and Sugarbutts just to name a few are among his 18 lost masterpieces. He has shown his films around the world, anywhere someone can tack up a sheet, from Chico to Groningen and back. His awards include Best Music & Best Props @ 1999 Ed Wood Memorial Film Fest. and many others to numerous to mention.

But times have changed... Kodak has scrapped sound super 8 stocks... Danny's moved on to 16 mm and is quick to tell people he's "embracing a new dying medium." Dig the color scheme in their pad. No we didn't smoke any opium. There were kids around for gods sake! And dig the earthquake kit and playroom with the drum kit in the basement.