Aaron’s LX Chilton Boots

My dear friend Aaron Gregory passed away recently. He's survived my his two lovely daughters Alice and Karyn.

I've known Aaron for years. In fact, it was Aaron who recorded much of what became my first solo record (Brother Aldo). I was going through some of our correspondence recently.

I dug out this song from an unrealized project that was a passion of Aarons.

Aaron wrote:

"From 1985-`89 Alex Chilton, with bassist Rene Coman [Panther Burns] & drummer Doug Garrison [Charlie Rich], began doing Solo Shows for the 1st time in the SF Bay Area. He played mostly obscure covers, some new originals, a few by the Box Tops & a little Big Star."

Recorded with his consent, Aaron gathered every show that Alex played in the Bay Area during that period and melted it down to one action packed disc. Someday I'd like to release it and turn any money made over to his daughters college fund or something. Don't laugh, Alice his oldest daughter graduated from Princeton last year with honors. No surprise really, Aaron was a bright dude. I miss him dearly.

*This Dan Penn cover was recorded at the Oasis. Anyone remember this gig? It was an old Motel across from where the Paradise Lounge was. They covered the swimming pool and built a stage at one end.

[ Alex Chilton - Live @ The Oasis - MP3 ]