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Michael Dean

Michael Dean's DIY or Die DVD

A relentless self promoting/self-made monomaniacal sex troll. I've known Michael for years. Somehow, when Miles Montabelo loaned me a copy of the DVD he edited for Mr. Dean I still had enough morbid curiosity left in me to slip it into the DVD player and see what the "Slishman" was up to. I'm happy to say that Michael has indeed succeeded in making a meaningful contribution to society with his latest ego trip through Indie America in spite of himself. I learned a lot. You want art? According to these sources, art is taking your life and trying to make it better. There's your art. Amen. And if I'm to believe Ian Mackaye, it turns out everything I've even done is a success. Just doing it makes it a success. I feel better already. Although, the curious subjects who pride themselves on not "selling out" are some of the least artful, who exactly was it waving the checkbook at them when they turned their backs? David Geffen? Rueben Kincaid? Cite your sources gentlemen. Running away from the money faucet on full blast isn't always righteous—Sometimes it's dumb. Next time, point that fucker at me. I'd know what to do with it. I'd give Alison Anders money to make her next film.


Alison Anders

Sugar Town

A Rock-and-Roll coming of middle-age story. Saw this on Virgin Air originally back in 97 or so? One of those between- the-cracks, straight-to-video movies that never had a chance. Who's gonna go see it? Not my nephew. Me, I loved it! Later I found the video on a blanket for like a dollar. It's now in the C and S permanent library. No one seems to know about this Alison Anders film. Alison herself is a great filmmaker, but in all fairness, movies about Rock-and-Roll are without fail, hopeless. Georgia? A Star is Born? Howard the Duck? Streets of Fire? Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaase! However, there are exceptions and Alison I applaud you. Stand up and take a bow. And the acting; aside from the nothing less than soulful performance from Rosanna Arquette, there are great performances form first time actors/long time musos, Michael Des Barres, John Taylor and especially Larry Klein as Bud the producer. Who knew? This movie holds up. She nails the mid-nineties painfully real artifice that we were forced to suck on. This is what we call a coming-of-middle-age Rock-and-Roll masterpiece. Come to think of it. I do believe that Green On Red appears briefly in Ms. Anders' first movie Border Radio. We also had an album called Gas Food Lodging years before her movie by the same name. But hey, tricks are for kids. Drummers being drummers, Sugars Town's drummer only wants to know, "Has she got big tits?"